Welcome to Best Days Radio
Welcome to the bestdaysradio.com website, we are in our 6th year,
Thanks to all you listeners worldwide, in Brazil. China, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, America and of course the UK
Thanks for spreading the word and keeping Rock ALIVE and KICKING,
We Hope to keep rocking with tunes past and almost present, we play anything 70s and 80s rock based (the good old days)

We are back streaming 190 kbs

Welcome to the totally revamped

bestdaysradio.com website hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Spread the word we are still streaming live everyday unlike some online stations

Febuary 2019:
Wow has it really been  5 years since we had an update? Well BDR is still going strong, So thank you for tuning in, The playlist is added to on a regular basis, Hope your ebjoying our choices. Keep upto date with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Febuary 2014:

Bdr has upgraded it streamining server to stream @ 64kbs instead of 32, This will increase the sound quality to the listeners ( if your connection allows it)

The Website has has a makeover with new sections. Hope you enjoy the new BDR.

August 2014:
BDR has had to change streaming adresses due to the provider having a hard drive melt down all the links are now updated, We now have more listener slots too.

New Albums 2015

The Order,Jaded Heart,Dark Sarah,Burning Point,
Serpentine,Michael Bormann,Bullet Boys,Talon,
Sunlight,Thunderheart,Hyghlander,Jared James Nichols,S.a.Y,Mark Slaughter,Ford T,Scorpions
Revolution Saints,Rockstar Frame,
Doro,Vital Silence,H.E.A.T,Kamelot,
Nashville Pussy,Sweet & Lynch,Whitesnake,
Europe,Black Star Rider,Tremonti

If any record company's/Arstists would like us to stop playing/promoting their bands then please send a email to the contact link above then we will stop playing the band/artist as soon as it is recieved. This website does not make any money from playing music, It is ran as a hobbie
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